3 New Sites to check 2023 IPO Result in Nepal

check IPO Result

Nowadays, people are investing in stocks and IPOs, and some still struggle to check IPO results. Due to many people starting to invest in IPOs, people were visiting various sites to check their IPO results. Due to the chances of information can be misused, the CDSC removed those sites and has declared its own whole new site, where people can check their IPO results in a few simple clicks.

Due to the heavy amount of visitors, The only site was not capable enough to handle the traffic. So, there are not only one but 3 different ways to check IPO results in Nepal.

Sometimes, the CDSC's site might not load due to excessive traffic. To diversify the traffic, there are 3 new working methods to check the IPO result as alternatives. These 3 methods are the secured method, and the information of consumers is safe and secured. Let's see, what are the methods to check IPOs results?

As the old different sites were suspended to check the IPO result,  There are 3 new and secure methods to check the IPO result. Those are:

  • Visiting CDSC's Site

CDSC has launched its whole new site where people can check their results for the allotment of the IPO. This new site is easy to use and comes with a user friendly and easy to use interface. So that people can use that site without having any trouble. But, Only one site is not enough to handle many peoples at the same time. If you get into trouble while visiting CDSC's site, still you can check your IPO result using other methods. Let's see how to check IPO results using the CDSC site?

How to check IPO Results?

  1. Open an internet browser and visit https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np
  2. Select the company whose IPO result you want to view.
  3. Enter your 16-Digit BOID number.
  4. Then, Click on View result.
  5. Now, There you'll see the result of an IPO.
Using the CDSC site you can view IPO results easily. It is the best way to check your allotment result, but if it can't load, you can check your IPO allotment result using alternative methods.

  • Visiting the Issue Manager's Site

Now, as an alternative, you can visit and check IPO's Issue Manager Site. There are lots of issue managers, visit the ones who issued the IPO. For example, We're going to see the result of RURU Hydropower Company Limited. The Issue manager was NMB capital for RURU. So, We're visiting the site: https://result.nmbcl.com.np/

1. After Visiting any of the issue manager sites, you'll be able to see a similar type of interface.

How to check IPO Result in Nepal

2. Now, Fill up all the details you've been asked for.

How to check IPO Result in Nepal

3. Now, Submit the information by clicking on Show Result, and wait for the result.

How to check IPO Result in Nepal

Note: There will not be the same Issue manager for all the IPOs.

  • Using Mero Share Method

Here comes the old/traditional method of viewing the IPO allotment result. This method is effective and works well, but it is slower than others. It may take up to 1 - 2 days to get your IPO result. By using those above methods, you might get results within a few hours of result publishment. Almost all the investors know to check the result using this method. If you want to view your IPO result, use this method. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Mero Share account.
  2. Go to My ASBA section's Application Report.
  3. Click on Report of IPO whose result you want to check.
  4. Check the STATUS and there you'll see your result.
There you'll see allotted or not allotted status.


These all methods are secured and safe. Now, It's all about checking IPO results fast. If you want to view your result instantly after the result is published, you can use the CDSC site. If that site is unable to load the result, you can try alternative methods. The fastest way to view IPO results is to visit CDSC or the Issue manager's site. If you use the Mero Share method, your result status will be updated within a few days, it may take longer. So, It's all upon you, How you check your IPO result.

If you've any queries, please comment down below.

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