Class 10 Nepali Guide (Complete Chapter Wise Solution/Notes)

Class 10 Nepali Guide (Complete Chapter Wise Solution/Notes)

Class 10 Nepali Guide

There are lots of pages on the internet with the Nepali Guide of Class 10. They claim they share the best guide for Nepali, but none of them provides complete chapter wise solutions. This is the complete and upgraded Nepali guide ever for Class 10, batch 2078.

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List of Chapters of Class 10 Nepali Book

S.N Chapters/Lessons
1. Janmabhumi
2. Santusthi
3. Doctor Sanduk Ruit
4. Thanka
5. Ma pani sakxu
6. Byaparik Chithi
7. Pratyagaman
8. Barsha
9. Hamro Sanskriti
10. Isthaniya-Karan bhanda Biswobyapi-Karan Bes
11. Laxmi Puja
12. Clara Zetkin
13. Jay Bhudi
14. Ma Sadak Boldai Xu
15. Tika
16. Maujang Babu Sahebko Coat

Class 10 Nepali Book PDF

The complete and updated PDF of the Nepali Book of Class 10. This Grade 10 book belongs to Curriculum Development Committee Nepal (CDC). This is an updated PDF and works for 2078. You can also access this Nepali Book, and for Solution of Exercises of Class 10 Nepali Book (Guide). Look a bit down (Scroll Down).

Nepali Guide for Class 10

All the chapters for the class 10 Nepali guide are listed above. Correct us if any lesson we forget to mention.

Lesson 1: Janmabhumi

Lesson 2: Santusthi

Lesson 3: Doctor Sanduk Ruit

Lesson 4:Thanka

Lesson 5: Ma Pani Sakxu

Lesson 6: Byaparik Chithi

Lesson 7: Pratyagaman

Lesson 8: Barsha

Lesson 9: Hamro Sanskriti

Lesson 10: Isthaniya-Karan Bhanda Biswobyapi-Karan Bes

Lesson 11: Laxmi Puja

Now, That was the Nepali Guide Book of Class 10 with up to chapters 1 to 11. If you think something is missing in this solution/notes, please contact us.

Complete Chapter Wise Nepali Guide Book of Class 10

So, That was all. It is now officially the Class 10 complete Nepali guide for students. Share it with your friends & Utilize the available resources.

If anything in this Nepali guidebook for class 10 is missing, contact us and let us know. Also, If you've any queries about these Nepali Notes, please comment down below.

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