How to check the remaining Data Volume in NTC Number?

How to check the remaining Data Volume in NTC Mobile Number?

Want to know How to check the remaining data volume in NTC?

If you don't know to check the remaining data in NTC, keep reading this article till the end.

NTC stands for Nepal Telecom, and it is one of the largest telecom service provider in Nepal. NTC provides voice packs and data pack. NTC provides some best offers and deals on their data packs and on voice pack services as well.

How to check remaining Data in NTC?

It's easy to check your Remaining data volume in NTC, there are 2 methods to check your remaining data. The first one is easy and quick, the simple method.

#Method Number 1

To check the remaining data volume in NTC mobile number, Dial *1415*55# and there you'll be able to see it.

#Method Number 2

An alternative method to check the remaining data volume of NTC. All you have to do is download the Nepal Telecom App and register your Number. After the registration, Login into the app, and at the app dashboard, you'll see the remaining data volume. If lucky, you can get a free 500 MB of bonus data while registering your Number.

Also, If you're a new NTC User, and if you want to know How to take the data in NTC? check the below paragraph.

How to take the data pack in NTC?

There are actual 2 methods to take the internet data pack in NTC. The most used and the primary method, Taking data dialling USSD code, and the alternative method, Taking data using NT app.

To take NTC internet data packs, you can dial *1415# and select the best plan. By dialling the same number, you'll also be able to take Voice Packs services. All you have to do is select the best plan by yourself.

#Alternative Method

The NT app will also help you to get Data Packs easily. Within a few clicks, you can enjoy NTC data packs at an affordable price.

To take NTC data using NT App, follow these steps:-
  1. Register your number on the NT app
  2. Login into the app
  3. Click on Buy Packages
  4. Choose Package Type
  5. Choose Sub-Package Type
  6. Choose Data Package
  7. And then, wait until your offer gets activated.


In this article, you've learned How to check the remaining data volume in NTC and How to buy data packs in NTC using two different methods. You Learned, The primary USSD method and the alternative method using NT App. Both methods are quick and easy, but the NT app requires an internet connection. So, the best method for both solution is using the USSD method. 

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Q.1 How to check Voice Pack in NTC?

To check the remaining voice pack in NTC, Dial *1415*55#. The same code used to check the remaining data volume. Also, you can send "VL" to 1415 to check it.

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