Nepali Unicode Converter (Type in Romanized Nepali & Convert)

This Nepali Unicode Converter tool is free to use the tool, and it allows you to convert romanized Nepali into Nepali words. Just type the required Nepali word in English and let the tool automatically convert it into Nepali fonts. This Easy Nepali Typing tool can convert any romanized Nepali word into Nepali Fonts with the Highest accuracy possible.

This free to use allows users to convert romanized Nepali words into Nepali fonts. For Example, Mero = मेरो. This tool is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices for free.

If you ever wanted to type in Nepali fonts without using any software, here it is. You can easily type in Nepali on Laptops, Desktop Computers and even on mobile phones with the help of this tool available on this website. Also, It doesn't have any minimum requirements to run it on your devices, so just open your web browser and start typing in Nepali.

Write Essays, Letters, Words, Sentences or whatever you want to in Nepali using this simple tool. Type in Nepali without any limits, write/type how much you can in Nepali without being interrupted, with the help of this tool. It is free to use and simple, just for you.

Guide to Use Nepali Unicode Converter?

Use this guide to boost your Easy Nepali Typing speed working on this tool.

To mix any English Words into your Nepali Sentences, use the curly brackets {}. Example: Mero {YouTube Channel Subscribe} garnuhos = मेरो YouTube Channel Subscribe गर्नुहोस

Tips to smartly convert some Nepali letters:

Some Nepali letters may bother you while typing, so use this table to type the correct Nepali Letters on the first go. For the remaining Nepali letters, the upper case and the lower case doesn't matter.


Use the "/" key to separate words: If any Nepali letters get wrongly analysed by the tool, use the / key to separate words in between. For Example:

pratishatko = प्रतिशत्को
pratishat/ko = प्रतिशतको


bas = बस
bas\ = बस्

Some characters & Symbols:

rri = ऋ
rree = ॠ
yna = ञ
chha = छ
ksha =क्ष
gya =ज्ञ
* = अनुस्वर
** = चन्द्रबिन्दु
om = ॐ

This tool is all about typing in Nepali easily without using any software. It is easy, simple and free to use so that everyone can use this. If you have any queries related to this Nepali Unicode converter tool, please do leave a comment.

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