Gauko Maya Exercise: Class 11 (Lesson 2) Complete Nepali Notes

Gauko Maya Exercise

In this post, The complete notes for Class 11 Lesson 2 "Gauko Maya" (गाउँको माया) is being shared. It contains all the exercises (Including Nepali Grammar) from the story "Gauko Maya" (गाउँको माया). It's one of the fewest posts available on the internet sharing all the exercises from this Lesson "Gauko Maya". We're sharing these complete Class 11 Nepali Notes/Guide, for help in the study of Grade 11 students. In case you facing problems solving any exercise, you can use this available guide at any time.

Nowadays many students face problems reading in Nepali and understanding it, so for better understanding and learning of Grade 11 Students, We're also serving the Gauko Maya's (गाउँको माया) summary in English.


It's a short social story written by Ismali (इस्माली) named Gauko Maya (गाउँको माया). This short and sweet social story is all about a guy named "Krishna" who returned to his village or Hometown after 2 years. He had tried to return to his village many times, due to his situation, he was unable to return early. The structure of this story is interesting and makes it fun while reading.

After He returned to his village, he felt love for his village, he remember his brother's and परिछन's letters, he also had memories of past events of that village. He was observing his village and remembring all those things and suddenly his friend परिछन call him. Then परिछन and Krishna started talking about what happened in that 2 years in his village. They talk about the political instabilities of that village and other things that the village was suffering from. Then परिछन purposed the idea of educated people like Krishna should live in the village. Then they finished talking and Krishna went home.

This story was all about the conversation between परिछन and Krishna. Krishna was a guy who was well educated and who went to a foreign country to earn. He was trying to get back to his village cause his village was calling him, but due to his work and situation, he was unable to return. Then once he returned and knew all the things that were happened in the past. Then he decided to live in his own village and work for the betterment of his village instead of going out.

About Author (In Short)

The author/writer of this sweet social story is Maheshwar Prashad Upadhya also known as Ismali. He was born in Aurahi municipality of Mahottari District in Province No. 2. He had done a Postgraduate in Mathematics. Also, he once started teaching at Sanothimi Bhaktapur Campus. He started his writing journey in 2031 B.S and had written various stories, books, etc. He is also known as a social story writer.

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