Nepali calendar Download for PC (Windows 7/8/10) (64 bit/ 32 bit)

Nepali calendar Download for PC (Windows 7/8/10) (64 bit/ 32 bit)

Download Nepali calendar for PC

This is the latest version of the Nepali calendar for windows O.S. It is a highly functioning Nepali calendar software developed for Desktops & Laptops. It has both English (A.D) and Nepali(B.S) dates, and it has some features like date converter, tithes date and more. This calendar performs well on any Computer system. Comes with a smooth user experience with almost no bugs in it. It was developed by Sudarshan Poudel, and for many years it is being used by many peoples.

It is a well-known Nepali calendar software for PC. It has been installed multiple times on multiple computers. It doesn't require any updates and runs offline smooth. All Thanks to AI, which help to get the right data about the data without updating this software every year.\

As a minimum requirement, There should be a Free Space available of 1 MB. It doesn't require any High Specifications to run this software on PCs and Laptops. This means this software can be installed on your computers and used lag-free.

Install this software once and never update it. This Nepali Calendar Software can be used offline and do not requires any updates.

The Best part of this Nepali Calendar, It is free to use. There are many pros and cons of using this Nepali calendar software on your PC. But, I see there are many pros and fewer cons. The only cons with this Nepali Calendar Software are that It comes with an old UI and It's a little odd.

Nepali B.S Calendar

The calendar used in Nepal is a B.S calendar. B.S stands for Bikram Sambat and it is used by almost all Nepali. The A.D (Anno Domini) is the modern calendar system used by other countries in the world. If you convert Nepali date to English date (B.S to A.D), then you'll see the difference between B.S and A.D. The calendar, months and dates in both calendar systems are completely different. But this calendar supports both B.S and as well as A.D dates.


  • Runs Offline
  • Date in both B.S & A.D
  • Updates are not essential
  • Runs smooth
  • Works in almost every PC
  • Simple UI
  • Easy to Use
  • Elegant
  • Lower Space Consumption
  • Comes with tithes and date
  • Detect New Year automatically
  • Useful for Every Nepali Citizen

How to Download Nepali Calendar on Windows?

To download Nepali Calendar on your Desktop, Follow these 4 main steps:

1. Download Nepali Calendar from this Website
2. Extract Nepali file. The file contains a folder.
3. Open the folder, Install all the fonts on that folder. The fonts are named Arap 11, SUDAR and sudarsha.
4. After installing the fonts, Install the Nepali Calendar setup.
5. Now your computer is ready to show Nepali dates & Tithies.

Nepali Calendar for Windows.

The latest version of this calendar is now available to download for free. Also, you can use this software easily on any Windows operating system (Windows 7/8/10) for both 32 & 64 Bit. If any issue occurs, please comment down, so we can solve it for other people. Overall it's the best calendar software for Windows. You must have this software on your PC if you want to know Dates, Days and more using your PC.

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