How to check own NTC, Ncell and Smart Cell number? (2023)

How to check own NTC, NCELL and Smart Cell number

If you don't know your own number, it might get you in trouble. So, you've to learn, How to check your own NTC, NCELL and Smart Cell number. Most people don't know or can't remember their own number these days. If they know their number, sometimes they need to confirm the number. So, in that case, you'll need to check your number, even it is NTC, Ncell or Smart Cell.

While transfer balance using online wallets or while sharing your number with friends and family, you'll need to know your number so you can share it with them. So, even in this case, you must have to know your number.

Don't give a miss call or send an SMS to your friend or family to know your number, don't waste your time. Just use those USSD codes to identify your number. Use those USSD codes for NTC, Ncell or even for Smart cell to check your number easily.

There are few USSD codes to check your own NTC, Ncell and Smart Cell Number. To check the NTC number and smart number might sound like a new thing because most people are familiar with Ncell USSD codes.

How to check number in NTC?

To check your own number on the NTC sim card, Dial *9# Opening the phone's dialer. It's easy to remember the USSD code to check the NTC number.

NTC has the simplest and easy to remember USSD codes to check the number. But, It only works on GSM numbers, and there are no such USSD codes to check CDMA numbers.

How to check number in Ncell?

To check your Ncell mobile number, Dial *903# or *103# on your phone's dialer. This USSD code will help you identify your Ncell number.

How to check number in Smart Cell?

To check the Smart Cell number, you have to Dial *134#, then you'll be able to see your Smart Cell's number.

Check number in Smart Cell, Ncell and NTC

NTC number check code *9#
Ncell number check code *103# or *903#
Smart Cell number check code *134#

USSD codes can help you know your number in any SIM in Nepal. So, Ditch the old method like calling someone or sending an SMS to identify the number, and just simply use those USSD codes to identify your number. Isn't it easy?

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