Bir Purkha Solutions: Class 11 Nepali Guide [2021]

Bir Purkha Solutions: Class 11 Nepali Guide [2021]

Bir Purkha Class 11 Guide

Class 11 Nepali Book's Guide - Chapter 1 - Bir Purkha: Bir Purkha is the first chapter of our Class 11 Nepali Book, and it's all about our great and brave ancestors who fought for our country. Once they were one of the bravest soldiers in the world, who were never scared of anyone. No army in the world was able to defeat them, and even the strongest army of that time was scared of our ancestors.

Basically, It's a poem written on our brave ancestors named "BIR PURKHA" (वीर पुर्खा) and Written by Basudev Tripathi (वासुदेव त्रिपाठी).

This is the first chapter named "Bir Purkha"(वीर पुर्खा) from the Class 11 Nepali Book. We're trying to upload the class 11 Nepali guide where this is the first chapter and other chapters will be uploading soon. This guide is not owned by me and it belongs to its respective publishers (Owners). We're just trying to create its PDF version and share it.

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