Bir Purkha Exercise: Class 11 (Lesson 1) Complete Nepali Notes

Bir Purkha Class 11 Exercise

In this post, We've Shared the complete notes of Class 11 Lesson 1 "Bir Purkha" (वीर पुर्खा). It contains all the exercises (Including Nepali Grammar) of the poem "Bir Purkha" (वीर पुर्खा). One of the fewest posts available on the internet sharing all the exercises from this Lesson. We're sharing these complete Class 11 Nepali Notes, for the help in the study of Grade 11 students. In case you facing problems solving any exercise, you can use this available guide at any time.

Nowadays many students face problems reading in Nepali and understanding it, so for better understanding and learning of Grade 11 Students, We're also serving the Bir Purkha's (वीर पुर्खा) summary in English.


It's a poem written by Basudev Tripathi (वासुदेव त्रिपाठी) named Bir Purkha (वीर पुर्खा). This poem is all about our Brave Nepalese ancestors who fought for their country to make it independent. They gave their huge and uncomparable contribution to built a strong and independent nation. The author has explained how No Rivers, Mountains, Storms and Enemies were able to stop our brave ancestors to achieve their aim. It's all about our Brave Ancestor's History who make this country united. All they did for their country without being greedy. Fought with enemies, dealt with situations and never been a traitor for their greed.

We can proudly say we're from Nepal and we're Nepalese just because of our brave ancestors who fought for their country. Without the contribution of our Brave Ancestors, we were unable to have a lovely country.

About Author (In Short)

This poem is written by Dr Basudev Tripathi, who was born On the Chaitra 13, 1999 B.S in Bhanunagar (भानु गाविस-५, भानुनगर भन्सार) of Tanahu District of Gandaki Zone. His Mother name was Goma Tripathi, and his Father name was Prem Dutta Tripathi. A well-educated poem who studied M. A. in Nepali and English subject and P. H. D.: The first doctorate in Nepali. He also gave his services in the field of Teaching, Nepali Central Department and Tri. Vs. Kirtipur.

About this Guide

This guide was Officially published by NBD Prakashan and written by MR. Arjun Khanal. The rights for this guide belongs to its respective publishers, and we're just sharing the images of this Class 11 Nepali guide. We've bought this guide and sharing it with the Grade 11 students.

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Class 11 Nepali Guide

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