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preeti font keyboard layout

If you're struggling with Nepali typing, Preeti Font Keyboard Layout might help you with your Nepali typing. The Preeti font keyboard layout gives an idea about the positioning of Preeti fonts on your keyboard. If you've got a laptop, it could be handier cause laptops don't have Devanagari fonts, whereas many desktops' keyboards do. Preeti Font Layout provides knowledge about the positioning of Preeti Font on your keyboard. We'll know more about it, but first, let me give some context about the Preeti font.

Preeti Font is one of the most popular and first-ever Nepali computer fonts ever made. It was designed and created by Ajay Mishra, a Nepali individual, in 1993 AD (Approx.), with the help of the font editing tool Fontographer 3.5. It's almost a 3-decade-old font which is still popular and used by businesses.

Preeti font is still one of the most popular Nepali fonts cause of its neater and more elegant design. Unlike any other stylish Nepali font, It is easily readable and can place on any piece of paper. That's also a reason why most people prefer Preeti fonts. There is a variety of Nepali fonts available in the market where few are not easily readable, and some are just loaded with tons of errors. Unlike those fonts, the Preeti font is clear to read and error-free.

Still, In most offices and businesses, Preeti Fonts are used where simple Devanagiri text is required. That represents its popularity and use cases of the font. Isn't this enough about Preeti fonts?

What is the Preeti font layout?

Preeti font layout is a simple keyboard layout of a Devanagari script which gives you an idea of the positioning of each Preeti font on your keyboard with the help of an Image. It helps you practice Nepali typing, remember each Preeti font's position and make you at ease with Nepali typing.

How to increase Nepali typing speed?

There are many efficient ways to become proficient in Nepali typing, and one of them is the Preeti Font Keyboard Layout. It simply gives you an idea of where each key is, and with its help, you can make yourself at ease to type even faster. Also, Nepali typing practice software typeshala, TypeSolute and other software will help you with your Nepali typing speed. The software might help you to level up your Nepali typing speed, but the practice is the key to sustaining that speed. So, Keep practising Nepali typing, and take the help of Preeti font keyboard layout and typing software to become proficient at Nepali typing.

Download Preeti font Layout

preeti font keyboard layout
The above's image shows the Preeti Font Keyboard Layout. It is simply a positioning guide for each character of the Preeti font. If you want to save it on your device, you can save it.

If you want to know more about Preeti Font Layout, Download the Character Map of Preeti Font from the link below.

If you're uncomfortable downloading the Preeti font keyboard layout image from the above, you can have its PDF file directly downloaded to your PC. Click the link below.

Alternative Methods to Type in Nepali

If you find the Preeti font layout boring or less fun, then we've some alternative ways to type in Nepali while having fun with it. Among those methods, you can go with one that you find most comfortable.

Google Input Tool Nepali

Google Input Tool is a software by google that allows you to type in Nepali using English text. For Instance, you can type मेरो while typing "mero", which is easier to use as a beginner while having fun. It is freely available to download/install on your computer. You can have its extension version installed on the web browser or have the Google Input Tool software.

Read this article: How to type Nepali language in a windows computer/laptop? to know the step-by-step procedure for downloading, installing & using it.

Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali Unicode Converter is one of the easiest ways to type in Nepali. It is similar to google input tools but isn't a software or application. It is a web script that anyone can easily access on their browsers to type in Preeti fonts. It is a productive way to type in Nepali using an English keyboard. If you're a beginner or just started Nepali typing, It'd be easier and more fun to use the tool.

Devanagari Keyboard

You can also purchase a keyboard having dual scripts (roman/English & Devanagari scripts). It doesn't require the Preeti font layout, but still, you can type in Nepali with your keyboard. However, It might bother someone who doesn't want an additional or external keyboard to their setup. We'll only recommend purchasing it for professionals or those having work/jobs related to Nepali typing.

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In this article, We've shared all the necessary things about the Preeti font keyboard layout. If you want to go with it, you can easily download its image and PDF file for free. However, If you don't want to use the Preeti font layout, there are some alternative methods shared by us. You'll definitely like one of them. If you tell us to recommend the best way, we'd say to use the Nepali Unicode converter tool as it works online, where you'll also be able to use it on multiple social media platforms.

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