How to take loan in Smart Cell, NTC and Ncell Sim? [2023]

How to take loan in Smart Cell, NTC and Ncell Sim?

If you need a loan in  NCELL, NTC or even in Smart Cell and don't know How to take loan in Smart Cell, NTC and Ncell? To take a loan in your sim, You have to follow the steps as instructed below.

Sometimes we want to do a phone call, but we can't, due to insufficient balance in our sim. In that situation, people may prefer to take a loan service from their telecom operator. Most people don't know how to take a loan on their sim, and in that situation, they get stuck.

People in dire of balance may need to take a loan to call someone. But, It's important to know the correct USSD code to take a loan in your SIM. There are 3 popular telecom operators, Smart Cell, NTC and Ncell. And, they all do provide a loan service to their prepaid customers. Let's check all the USSD codes for each sim to take a loan.

How to take loan in NTC?

To take the loan in NTC, you can send "START" to 1477 or Dial *1477#, If the loan service is not already activated. The loan service provides loans according to the usage of the user. If you use NTC more, then you might get a higher amount of loan.

Basically, It's a loyalty-based loan service, how you use their services, according to that, you'll get the loan. Customers can get different amounts of loans as per their usage of NTC.

NTC provides a better loan service experience to their customers in comparison to some other networks. Nepal Telecom doesn't charge any extra fees, and when you recharge your sim, the only used loan amount gets deducted. For Example, If you use RS 5 NTC loan, only RS 5 will be deducted next time you recharge.

How to take loan in Ncell?

To take the Ncell Loan, Dial *9988# and then you'll get approximately 40 rupees as per the "Ncell Sapati" service.

Customers can enjoy Data Packs, Voice Packs and more in the Loan amount. The loan amount can be used as the main balance in Ncell, and the loan amount gets deducted when customers recharge for the next time after the loan.

Ncell does charge some extra fees for the loan service, and even if you don't use your whole 40 rupees, they will deduct 40 rupees from your main balance when you recharge. So, when you take the loan in Ncell, make sure you've consumed it well.

How to take loan in Smart Cell?

To activate the Smart Cell loan service, Dial *129*10# and then it will activate your Smart Cell loan. service.

Smart Cell is the newest telecom operator in Nepal, and it's good to start a loan service. Smart Cell provides 10 rupees loan balance to their customers. But, you should have 1 rupee as the main balance or less than 1 to take the loan service in Smar Cell. The loan amount will be automatically deducted from the main balance on your next top-up.

How to take loan in Smart Cell, NTC and Ncell Sim?

This table will help you remember each of the USSD Loan codes from different Telecom Operators in Nepal. If you want, you can take a screenshot of it.

NTC Loan Code Send "START" to 1477
Ncell Loan Code *9988#
Smart Cell Loan Code *129*10#


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