NEB Class 12 English Book PDF Download: 2079 Latest Syllabus

Class 12 English Book PDF

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This Grade 12 English Book is the latest book containing the new syllabus for this year 2078 B.S. NEB Compulsory English Book of grade 12 contains Skills Oriented,  Life Skills Based, Employment-Based and Valuable school-based education. Book's content is Highly Focused on Improvising Grammar Skills, Writing Skills and Language Development of the Students. Like Class 11 English Book, It is separated into parts. Those parts are separated into Language Development and Literature. Both the units have their own speciality and own value to the student. Both Units contain various Stories, Pomes, biographies, Skills Improvising Practices, Local and Global based issues and information and more.

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Class 12 English Book

Compulsory English Textbook of Class 12 contains 2 Units so-called Sections. Those Sections are Language Development and Literature. Both contain 20-20 units getting a total of 40 lessons for the Class 12 English Book.

Section 1: Language Development

This Unit so-called Section of Language Development contains Knowledge-based, Skills-based, Carrer Based and related contents. Take a look at the lessons/chapters of Section 1: Language Development.

Unit Unit Name Page Number
1 Critical Thinking 1
2 Family 9
3 Euro 2020 17
4 Hyperloop 27
5 A Story of My Childhood 36
6 QR Code 44
7 Why Do We Laugh Inappropriately? 53
8 Land of Plenty 61
9 Living in a Redwood Tree 69
10 Career Opportunities 79
11 Hobbies 88
12 Animal World 97
13 History 104
14 Human Rights 114
15 Leisure and Entertainment 122
16 Fantasy 130
17 War and Peace 140
18 Music and Creation 150
19 Migration and Diaspora 160
20 Power and Politic 170

Section 2: Literature

This Unit so-called Section of Literature contains Poems, Stories, Short Stories, One-act plays and essay-related content. Take a look at the lessons/chapters of Section 2: Literature.

Unit 1: Short Stories

Unit Unit Name Page Number
1 Neighbours 180
2 A Respectable Woman 184
3 A Devoted Son 189
4 The Treasure in the Forest 199
5 My Old Home 208
6 The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun 218
7 A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings 224

Unit 2: Poems

Unit Unit Name Page Number
1 A Day 232
2 Every Morning I Wake 234
3 I Was My Own Route 236
4 The Awakening Age 239
5 Soft Strom 241

Unit 3: Essays

Unit Unit Name Page Number
1 On Libraries 247
2 Marriage as a Social Institution 252
3 Knowledge and Wisdom 257
4 Humility 261
5 Human Rights and the Age of Inequality 265

Unit 4: One-Act Play

Unit Unit Name Page Number
1 A Matter for Husband 272
2 Facing Death 279
3 The Bull 293

Class 12 English Book PDF

This PDF file is freely available on the websites of the Curriculum Development Centre and OLE, and we're just sharing this for educational and Informational Purposes.

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Government of Nepal
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Curriculum Development Centre
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

First Edition: 2021 AD

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Curriculum Development Centre
Phone: 01-6630588

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