How to check SEE Exams' Result with Marksheet/Gradesheet? [2078/9]

How to check SEE Exams' Result with Marksheet/Gradesheet? [2078/9]

how to check see result with marksheet

The result for SEE examination 2078 B.S is finally published, and every student can now check their results. After the result gets published, the grade 10 students can view their SEE exams result with the help of various sites and methods.

Checking SEE exam results with GPA is easy, but students struggle while viewing their results with Marks Sheet. On my time, I was also unable to check my Grade 10 [SEE] result with the marks sheet cause I was not introduced to it. It took me hours to find out the way to check my SEE result with the grades sheet.

When I found the site to check the Secondary Education Examination's result with the grades sheet, I was able to view my result. In this article, I'm going to share with you How to check SEE result 2078 with a marksheet?

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SEE 2077/78

SEE 2077/78 was cancelled due to the effect of covid-19 and the result for the SEE is being announced with the help of internal markings. The result will be made according to the student's performance in their school's internal exams. The SEE 2078 result has been announced and now the result is available to check. Check the following instructions to view your SEE marksheet.

SEE Result 2078 Date

The result will be announced on the date of 7th August 2021 (On Shrawan 23rd). The expected result date was 25th Shrawan, but it is published earlier than the excepted date.

Exam Expected Result Date
SEE 2077/78 Shrawan 23

How to check SEE results with Marks Sheet?

How to check SEE result with marksheet

Step 1: Visit this site
Step 2: On that website, Enter your Symbol Number
Step 3: Enter your Date of Birth YYYY-MM-DD (According to Documents)
Step 4: Click on Submit
Step 5: Then you'll see your result
Step 6: Better to take a Screenshot

Note: If the site takes too long to respond, please wait for your turn.

Check SEE result via SMS

SEE results can be checked using the Mobile SMS method. This methods only show the GPA of the student. This method does not require an internet connection.

To check the SEE examination result, Send SEE<space><YourSymbolNumber> to 1600 (Send only after the official announcement of SEE result).

It is also the fastest and efficient way to check your result.


There are multiple sites to check the SEE result, but the official site from NTC is more trusted and safe to share your symbol numbers. Most of the site out there only shows your GPA instead of Grades Sheet. So, It would be better to check your result Marks Sheet with NTC's official site. The result will be announced on the 7th of August (Shrawan 23 is the Expected Date). Hope you do great on your results.


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